“Hart of Dixie” Season 4 is about to premiere, but even creator Leila Gerstein doesn’t know what will happen to the series after this season. Fans are still worried about cancellation rumors.

The show was given a midseason premiere date, the episode order was cut in half and ratings were down last year, as noted by TV Series Finale. To make matters worse, actors Wilson Bethel (who plays Wade) and Scott Porter (who plays George) began posting goodbyes to their characters on social-media sites. They clarified that they didn’t know anything about whether the show was being canceled or renewed, and that they were just saying goodbye in case it was their last chance. It appears the “Hart of Dixie” creator is in the same boat. Much like the actors, she isn’t taking any risks in case the show is canceled.

“But we did decide to take all the central love stories and bring them to an end,” Gerstein told TVLine. “We actually had been saving a lot of stuff for whatever was the end. So we just decided to burn through it this year.”

If the CW decides not to renew the show, fans don’t have to worry about any cliffhanger endings between their favorite couples in the “Hart of Dixie” Season 4 finale. They will find out if Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade are meant to be together. However, a solid ending doesn’t mean a happy ending. Zoe has made it clear she’ll do anything she can to win Wade back, but she might not be successful. It doesn’t seem like Wade is interested in being vulnerable again.

“Zoe has burned Wade,” Gerstein explained. “Before Zoe, he never put himself on the line for anyone ever. Everything came easy for Wade until he met this woman. And then he put himself out there for her at the end of Season 2, and not only did she stay in New York, she came back with a new guy. She devastated him. Going back in those waters is not something he thinks his heart can take.”

Fans will have to watch to see if Zoe can change Wade’s mind. Whether they wind up together or apart, an end to their love story could mean the whole show is over. Gerstein was asked if the last episode could function as a series finale in case “Hart of Dixie” is canceled, but she was keeping her lips sealed. “That’s hard to say,” Gerstein told E Online. “I will say that there is a lot of closure in the season finale and there is a definite feeling of celebration at the end of the season. But there are also certainly doors left open for the future!”

“Hart of Dixie” Season 4 premieres on the CW Monday, Dec. 15, at 8 p.m. EST. Do you think Zoe and Wade will end up together by the end of the season? Sound off in the comments section below!