The Hartcourt Companies Inc. is a U.S. corporation with subsidiaries in China and other jurisdictions. The company provides vocational education and technical training services in the People’s Republic of China, and yesterday announced its continued optimism on China’s vocational education market, citing a growing importance on education, as well as continued growth on post-college education.

To capitalize on the rising numbers and value of continued education, Hartcourt offers its resources through three channels: a large educational online portal, educational software and media, and education and vocational training centres.

Sustained development and an enhanced value on higher and continued (professional) education is driving China’s education market. Many Chinese enjoy greater amounts of disposable income, resulting in higher amounts of income being funneled into advanced skills and professional licenses and certifications.

Supporting the notion of the growing importance of education are the numbers. According to ResearchInChina, in 2007, China’s college graduates jumped to 4.79 million, a sharp increase from the 2.50 million in 2004. Still, a significant number of companies reportedly have trouble finding qualified talent, which contributes to an increase in post-college education, such as bachelor and masters degrees.