Friday Factoid: Harvard Business School's J-Term

HBS recently established the January Term, which takes place between the fall and winter semesters, in order to provide students with the opportunity to engage in academic and professional pursuits following the change in the Harvard University calendar. (For the first time in the history of the university, all Harvard schools will share a common academic calendar, which includes an extended break in January.) January Term opportunities include an expanded Immersion Experience Program (IXP), faculty-led seminars, student-organized treks and independent professional development programs. The IXP program has grown to include one to two-week long faculty-led trips to China and Rwanda and continues to offer domestic opportunities to study issues in healthcare in Boston or participate in a service project in New Orleans.

Unlike the longer IXP programs, the on-campus, faculty-led seminars are typically a few days in length and have covered topics like leadership, business and sustainable development, how to cope with failure and negotiation. The short professional development opportunities, also taught on-campus, are taught by independent organizations and have included topics such as deal making, sales leadership and restructuring.  Some students also use J-term to do a winternship, which allows them a short window to get to know a company beyond their summer internship - quite an advantage in a competitive job market. Of course, some students also take the time to remain on vacation with their families or travel with classmates. 

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