HASCO Medical, Inc. is a managed healthcare provider of a broad range of home healthcare products and services. Focused on becoming a leading provider in this growing market, the company’s three major product lines currently include home respiratory equipment, durable/home medical equipment and new and used wheelchair accessible vans.

In addition to offering a wide variety of home medical and respiratory equipment, the company provides a full line of services such as cleaning of equipment, loaner products, trial fittings and samplings, pick-up and delivery of many products, and warranty repair of defective products. HASCO Medical also offers product and technology training for physicians and therapists.

The company’s wheelchair accessible vehicle division provides clients with a complete inventory of new and used wheelchair accessible vans through four corporate owned stores and two affiliates for a total of six operation centers throughout the State of Florida. Personal and commercial vehicle lifts, home mobility solutions, vehicle modifications and driving aids and equipment are also available.

HASCO Medical’s management team is focused on growing revenues while maintaining cost control. To ensure clients receive superior products and services, the company has also implemented quality and performance improvement programs. Offering a full line of products and services to the expanding healthcare industry, HASCO Medical is well positioned to achieve significant growth.

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