The recently announced acquisition by HASCO Medical of two Florida healthcare equipment providers has significantly widened the company’s presence. HASCO is a managed healthcare provider, currently focused on home respiratory and other home medical equipment for patients in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Its stated objective is to grow into a leading provider of home healthcare products and services throughout the U.S.

The company’s first acquisition, Mobility Freedom, offers clients an inventory of new and used wheelchair accessible vans to customers in northern Florida, along with lift equipment for home or existing vehicle use. They also offer a variety of associated services. In addition, Mobility is the exclusive vendor for certain Florida state funded agencies. Since opening in 1999, Mobility Freedom has grown from $1/2 million in sales to over $10 million today, and now operates 6 centers across the state.

The second acquisition, Wheelchair Vans of America, specializes in renting conversion vans, largely to people visiting Florida. The vans are uniquely designed, with a lowered floor conversion and fully automatic fold out ramp, along with all of the associated equipment to make the experience of using it as pleasant as possible.

Together, the two acquired companies give HASCO a significant new reach into the home medical and related mobility market, as well as a major physical presence in Florida.

HASCO CEO, Hal Compton, commented on the complimentary nature of the acquisitions. “The Mobility Freedom acquisition provides an important step in continuing Hasco Medical’s strategy to be a healthcare industry consolidator. [Wheelchair Vans of America] is a great compliment to Mobility Freedom since none of the major car rental companies have wheelchair accessible conversion vans in their inventory of vehicles.”

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