Many of you dream of the day when you no longer have to work.  That actual retirement, however, may be a long way off.  In the current world, it may not come at all, as more and more people find they have to keep going to make ends meet.

When work consumes a major part of your life, what would make the workplace more enjoyable for you?  There is a big difference between dragging yourself through the door each morning and heading off with a spring in your step to meet a new challenge.

Since work hours seem to be expanding, businesses can develop a more relaxed culture where people are comfortable being there.  Several approaches have been tried in creating a fun environment.  The ones that don't work involve costumes and special dress days or team-building party games.  These can put even more pressure on people as they have to come up with clothes to wear or engage in an activity they are not at ease doing.  A study by Cambridge University researcher Peter Fleming found that instead of increasing productivity, a workplace that institutes a culture of fun like this can actually have the opposite effect.

The area that seems to be most appreciated involves food.  Lynn Harland's Attitudes Toward Workplace Fun: A Three Sector Comparison, a study published in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies. Having food as the drawing card encourages people to socialize at specific times and gives you something to look forward to during the day.

Mental breaks might also include a small golf putting area, a Lego section to help with creativity and focus, or even the ten-minute power nap.

What could be added to your work environment that would improve the day without inhibiting productivity?