The Hawaiian Islands are in the
middle of the Pacific Ocean

The Hawaiian Islands are located in
the middle of the Pacific Ocean approximately 2,400 miles (4.000 km) southwest
of California. You can go there only by airplane or boat. There are
six major islands:
Oahu, Maui, The Big Island of Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. Each island is
unique and may feature live volcanoes, lava flows, tropical rain forests,
beautiful beaches, sugar cane fields, pineapple plantations or historic sites.
These tropical paradises attract about 7 million tourists each year, but most
visitors only see one or two of the islands.

You can easily travel between the
islands by using one of the two domestic airlines: Aloha or Hawaiian. Flights
are frequent and inexpensive. When landing at each airport, be sure to look for
the racks of free coupon magazines. Each island has its own coupon book with
lots of discounts.

Hawaii has a wonderful climate

The climate is consistent and
enjoyable. Temperatures seldom fall below 65 degrees or rise above 80
throughout the year. A pleasant breeze frequently cools the day. Don't forget
your sunscreen, or sunblock! In such pleasant conditions, you can easily forget
that the tropical sun causes severe sunburn to anyone not accustomed to it.
Rainfall varies by location but can be an almost daily occurrence in the rain

The Aloha Spirit is prevalent

Visitors are warmly welcomed and
quickly enveloped by the Aloha spirit of Hawaii. Life is very
informal on the islands and the dress is casual. Take lots of casual warm
weather clothing and don't forget your swimwear! Men visiting the islands
usually buy and wear Aloha shirts made of bright colorful fabrics.
Women usually buy colorful muumuus (loose fitting comfortable dresses that can
be worn anywhere in Hawaii).

The different islands offer a variety
of features

There are numerous recreational
opportunities on the islands. You can swim, surf, scuba dive, snorkel, sail,
fish, golf or just see the sights. The famous Hawaiian surf is among the
biggest and best in the world. Remember these two rules when surfing in Hawaii:
1. Never turn your back on the ocean! 2. If the natives are not in the water,
stay out! When picking which islands to visit, consider the type of activities
you enjoy. Some islands provide lots of nightlife and lots of sports or
recreational opportunities. Others offer spectacular scenery or quiet beaches
and solitude.

Accommodations on
the islands include plenty of hotels and motels in various price ranges. If you
stay longer than a few days, there are also lots of condominiums and apartments for
. Car rentals are readily available and are the best way to see all
of the spectacular scenery on most of the islands. When visiting Oahu,
long-term car
are not a good choice as parking is very limited in Honolulu.
Tour busses and daily car rentals are much better options on Oahu.

Hawaii has a strict quarantine

Hawaii enforces a strict quarantine
inspection upon arrival. You will not be allowed to take any fresh fruit,
flowers, plants and certain meats into the state. Small sniffer dogs very
efficiently search all luggage and passengers on arrival.