width=598In the spirit of play and winter, the HBO Shop has turned its window into a Giant Interactive Snow Globe. Employing cutting-edge motion tracking and live interactive video, the display is designed to attract and engage people passing on the sidewalk. 

width=202Featuring a wintery white landscape with pops of color and whimsical touches such as shoes walking across the snow, the display showcases merchandise from popular HBO shows including a chandelier made of recycled Tru BloodTM drink bottles, Sex and the City® after party foldable ballet flats and colorful t-shirts. 

As six sensors detect passerby motion, a bit of snow begins to blow up into the window space, moved by an array of computer-controlled fans on the floor. While the person approaches closer to the window, more and more snowflakes blow up into the space creating a little blizzard in the window - culminating with the LED video screen clearing up to reveal a beautiful woodland scene. 

Dedicated to developing innovative product lines, the HBO Shop has developed merchandise inspired by HBO award-winning programs such as True Blood®, Entourage® and Sex and the City®.