USP or 'Universidade de São Paulo', Brazil's top university, witnessed a disturbing scene this Thursday evening(BST-Brasilia Standard Time) as a student just outside the department facility was head-shot as he was preparing to enter his bullet-proof car.

Police have confirmed the incident as a homicide and have released images of suspects that were caught on film by vigilance cameras. After the incident,  students of the business administration department, the department the victim belonged to, protested the university's lack of security.

Occurrences as such are not usual in Brazilian institutions and the government has kept this concerning issue at heart after Rio's massacre in April where a gunman entered an elementary school killed 12, injured 20, and horrorized millions of people in the emerging country. It was the first Colombine type shooting the country had witnessed. 

Crime in major cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is ubiquitous which may answer the question why the government increased its spending on public security to R$45.6 billion(US$28.5 billion) in 2009 up almost 100% since 2003.