Health Enhancement Products Inc., in conjunction with Wayne State University and the Wayne State research team, has issued a positive preliminary report on lipid oxidation (oxidative stress) using the company’s ProAlgaZyme filtrates. ProAlgaZyme is a liquid product drawn from living algae grown in purified water.

Oxidative stress is tissue damage resulting from the imbalance between an excessive generation of oxidant compounds and antioxidant defense mechanisms. Oxidative stress, if left unchecked, is believed to be involved in many diseases including: atherosclerosis, heart failure and heart attacks, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The Wayne State research team is led by Smiti Gupta, Ph.D. who believes the test results are very significant. He summed up the findings as follows, “The test results showed a significant decrease in plasma lipid peroxidation values in a test group of animals given ProAlgaZyme filtrate in their drinking water as compared to the control group given pure water.”

Mr. Gupta continued, “This is in conjunction with the previously reported (July 15, 2009 announcement) decrease in total cholesterol and simultaneous increase in the HDL cholesterol,points to the potential benefits of ProAlgaZyme filtrates.”

The test results may prove to be very positive for Health Enhancement Products. The company’s interim CEO Peter Vitulli stated, “Today’s significant results in lowering oxidized lipids in plasma of test animal subjects marks yet another impressive result of the PAZ compound. As we close in on identifying the active agent(s) of the PAZ compound, we have also begun to explore the most effective ways to maximize the use of PAZ for various industries and business segments.”