Healthient, Inc. announced yesterday the debut of Crispy Fruit, a new line of freeze dried fruit snacks. The sweet fruit snacks are made from high quality freeze-dried fruit. They contain no added sugar, preservatives, fat, or cholesterol.

The distribution of Crispy Fruit is through Healthient, Inc.’s growing network of SnackHealthy Brand Partners. SnackHealthy is the direct sales business unit of Healthient, Inc. SnackHealthy offers a home-based business opportunity to distributors of their “better for you” snacks and drinks.

Crispy Fruit is an “on the go” snack designed to increase a family’s daily fruit intake. One bag of Crispy Fruit equals approximately one serving of fruit. The design of Healthient, Inc.’s low-calorie, portion-controlled snacks are to help people eat right and feel their best.

Crispy Fruit is currently available in a 20 serving Variety Pack including Pineapple (34 calories), Banana (61 calories), and Fuji Apple (47 calories). Crispy Fruit is a choice for people seeking healthy alternatives to traditional snack foods.

Katherine West, CEO of SnackHealthy, said, “We are dedicated to helping people make better food choices and Crispy Fruit offers people of all ages the opportunity to snack healthier without compromising on taste or satisfaction. When you’re in the mood for something sweet, at just 34-61 calories per serving, Crispy Fruit is the perfect snack.”

Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, Healthient, Inc. is building a portfolio of healthy food and beverage snacks. These include Crispy Fruit, Light Natural Popcorn, Low-Sodium Mini Pretzels, Fruit and Nut Bars, Oatmeal with fruit, Healthy shakes, Zing! Sugar-Free Healthy Energy Drinks, as well as FiberPlus Antioxidant Drinks. Healthient, Inc.’s healthy snacks and functional beverages have positioning as a premium brand for health conscious and environmentally conscious people.

The Company is united with their brand partners through their commitment to preventing childhood obesity. Healthient, Inc. gives back to communities through the Healthient Foundation.

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