Located in Sunnyvale, California, HealthMed Services has developed a strong reputation as an innovative software development company. Yesterday, this young company took a major step towards prominence when they entered final negotiations for the acquisition of Neutral Communicator software and hardware.

Neutral Communicator is a friend of people with disabilities. What this state-of-the-art technology does is allow people with extreme disabilities to communicate and is intended to assist those who cannot speak or use their bodies.

The Neutral Communicator device detects eye movement, jaw contractions and ALPHA and BETA brain waves allowing hands free input. The software is based on plug-in architecture allowing easy implementation for its array of features.

One of the leaders at HealthMed Services is John Popovic who serves as the company’s President and CFO. Commenting on what this acquisition will mean to HealthMed Services and to society as a whole, Popovic was quoted as saying, “We are extremely keen on completing the acquisition of Neural Communicator. The product will bring easy communication capability to those currently unable to communicate as well as expanding the communication ability of others with disabilities restricting their communication capacity. Acquiring this leading edge technology expands HealthMed’s product lineup and will position us strongly in the marketplace.”

Currently, HealthMed is trading in the $0.17 range. With the upcoming acquisition of Neutral Communicator’s software and hardware and an already strong presence in place, HealthMed Services is a company worth keeping an eye on.

To learn more about the Neutral Communicator acquisition or the company as a whole, visit the company website at: www.healthmedltd.com.