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Working in an office can be the downfall of any dieter. With near daily calorie ambushes like break rooms stocked with vending machines, catered lunches and colleague birthday cakes, the temptations can be almost overwhelming. While you can't just avoid going to work, you can make better choices while you're there for eight, nine, or more hours each day.

Your best plan of attack is to be prepared. That's why stocking your desk with readily available healthy snacks could mean the difference between a satisfying snack that fills and fuels, or a calorie bender that leads to a quick crash.

You can take an extra minute in the morning to prepare fresh ingredients, and keep a drawer or cabinet in your office full of dry snacks.

A simple healthy snack can include some of the following:

- Air-popped popcorn with little to no butter

- Kashi, or other natural ingredient, granola bars

- Nuts

- Dried fruits (with no added sugar)

- Apples, bananas or other fruit with a shelf life

- Canned soup, low-sodium and reduced-fat

- Protein bars

If you have storage for fresh ingredients, or even take a small insulated tote each day, try to have some of the following. These are great recommendations that include a protein/carbohydrate combination:

- Apple slices with peanut butter

- Pear with low-fat cottage cheese

- Red pepper slices with hard-boiled egg

- Fat-free Greek yogurt with fresh berries

- Hummus with fresh vegetable slices

- Low-fat cheese and whole grain crackers

Having healthy snacks like these ready at a stomach growl's notice can help you to control hunger, stay full throughout the day, and even enjoy smaller lunches as you won't be famished when meal-time rolls around. This method of eating smaller mini-meals throughout the day can also keep your blood sugar regulated, maintain metabolism and help you to feel more alert and energetic. All of this is necessary to be productive on the job and in managing your weight.

It's also a good idea to keep a gallon (or more) jug of water in your office for quick refills throughout the day. This can easily store in a cabinet and give you one less excuse for consuming enough water throughout the day. Water also promotes a healthy metabolism and weight loss, can reduce hunger, promote proper digestion, and even give your skin a radiant glow.

As your office goes paperless and you find more empty space in cabinets and desk drawers, fill it up with things that are good for you body.

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