Credit: glenyc50(Flickr)

Tasmania has been reported as one of the nation's highest rates of heart disease.

In his statement, Graeme Lynch from the Heart Foundation claimed that heart attack strikes one life in every 46 minutes.

He admitted the problem of heart attack surrounding the Tasmanian community but said that ambulance services are free to accommodate in cases of emergency. He further said that anyone can call for an ambulance if they are experiencing any warning signs of heart attack.

Mr Lynch says no two heart attacks are the same and warning signs can be mild and come on slowly.

Most people associate heart attack with crushing chest pain or arm pain but in fact unfortunately heart attack can often be from someone just having cold chills, feeling a little discomforted, feeling dizzy, he said.

What we encourage people to do is that if they have those symptoms and they persevere for longer than five to ten minutes that they should immediately dial triple-0.

Meanwhile, Heart Week was launched yesterday in Hobart.