Norwegian police confirmed Saturday morning that they had arrested Anders Behring Breivik, 32, a suspect identified as right wing extremist who is responsible for both the bombing and the youth camp shooting rampage in Oslo, Norway Friday.

The deadly explosion and shooting attacks left at least 92 dead. The suspect will face terrorism charges that carry a prison sentence of up to 21 years, according to the police report.

Breivik, who is thought to have planted the bomb near Prime Minister's office killed seven people and then headed to Utoeya Island for the massacre, during which he shot dead at least 84 people.

Utoeya, a small wooded holiday island was hosting the annual camp for the Labor Party's youth wing when the gunman turned the youth paradise into a hell, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said during a separate news conference.

What happened at Utoeya is a national tragedy. Not since World War II has our country seen a greater crime, Reuters cited him as saying.

 Here are some images from the masscare that took place in Utoeya Centre District on 22 July 2011: