Prosecutors have struck down Thomas Tommy Shots Gioeli's request for a prison furlough in order to attend his daughter Julia's wedding on Dec. 2.

There is substantial incentive to authorize and direct his criminal associates to commit violence to preclude their perceived testimony or the testimony of other potential witnesses against him, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes in a NY Daily News report.

In other words, Gioeli has the potential to influence people, if he's allowed to walk beyond the confinements of the state penitentiary. Tommy Shots was a high-ranking member of the notorious Colombo crime family, an organization that has plagued New York City since the 1920s. Gioeli has is alleged to have participated in several high-profile crimes from the 1980s including the murder of a Catholic nun and off-duty NYPD cop.

I'm going to hell, said Gioeli to a fellow gangster after accidentally slaying a nun according to court documents. The victim of the crime, Sister Mary Adelaide, was wounded by pieces of a shotgun blast that hit her home's front door and walls. Adelaide died as a result of the wound.

Gioeli denies murdering Sister Adelaide and the alleged admission of the crime: They got a Hollywood screenwriter to come up with that line, Gioeli said according to the New York Daily News.

In addition to murdering a nun, Gioeli has been charged for murdering an off-duty police officer, Ralph Dols, who was ambushed outside his home in 1997. The Dols murder was committed because the officer married a woman that had married Colombo family members three times before.

There are many more accusations piling up again Gioeli, six murders in total, but despite the mounting claims, the Gioeli family remains bent on proving Tommy Shots' innocence. According to True Crime Report, one of his daughters has set up a blog, Tommy Gioeli's Voice, which serves as a platform for the family to denounce any accusations or evidence brought against Gioeli.

...beware believers in true justice. Give the answers that the inquisitors want; you will be safe and they will be a little more powerful. Don't tell the truth; you will be safe and they will be a little more corrupt. Watch your innocent brothers die in jail; you will be safe and they will be tyrants! says the latest post on the blog, aptly titled A Justice Department of Criminals.