Heather Morris was the latest victim in Hollywood of a nude pictures scandal but the Glee star is laughing off the leaked photos on the Internet.

Photos of a nude Morris, 25, surfaced on the Internet over the weekend but she isn't letting it get to her, according to a report from Us Weekly.

When Heather realized the pics were out there, she wasn't thrilled, an anonymous source told Us Weekly. But honestly, she was like, 'Well, it could be worse! At least I look good?'

The source reportedly said Morris is keeping a good sense of humor about the whole thing and isn't going crazy over it while her lawyer works to get the leaked photos taken off the web.

Morris is seen in photos, which were posted on Sunday, taken on a cell phone wearing her underwear in one shot, her Glee costume modeled from Britney Spears' Slave 4 U music video and another shot of her completely nude with her breasts exposed.

So far, Morris has not addressed her nude photos scandal.

This isn't the first time Morris was involved in a nude photo scandal. According to Zap2It, Morris posed for some tasteful, professional shots in 2010 before taking the role on Glee and is not ashamed to admit it.

I think they are beautiful. It's not something I'm ashamed of, Morris told Extra in 2010. Everybody should do tasteful beautiful nudes so when you get older you're gonna be like, 'Oh that's when my body looked so great!'

For now, the leaked photos of Heather Morris are still on Perez Hilton and Celeb Slam (WARNING: PHOTOS ARE NSFW).