When Occupy Wall Street protestor Adam Weissman started yelling at the Rep. Bob Turner's swearing-in ceremony, former New York City police officer, Kevin Hiltunen, stopped him fast. He muscled the 33-year-old Astoria native to the door so fast that he left behind some bumps and bruises.

Weisman was the one of three Occupy Wall Street protesters to disrupt the ceremony for Turner, elected in September, at Metropolitan High School in Forest Hills. Hiltunen said that the protester was near where he was standing and began yelling at Rep. Turner.  He then grabbed him by his shirt and escorted him out.

I guess you could say I sorted him out, said Hiltunen, 48, according to the New York Post.  This was not the time or the venue, 

Weissman showed no remorse for his actions. After being forced out of the ceremony, he began distributing Occupy Wall Street fliers.

However, according to The Observer, sometimes free speech is fine with Hiltunen, who had repeatedly heckled Anthony Weiner at a noisy outdoor protest held in the wake of the infamous sexting scandal.

Weissman told the New York Post, Before I got grabbed by those people, I wanted to say that Bob Turner has only been in office for two months and he has already sold out his supporters, 

Weisman's main concern was Turner's alleged support of backdoor trading with China.