Helix Wind Corp. announced today a $9.5 million project, utilizing 90-100 wind turbines, for rural electrification and off-grid generation in Jujuy Province, Argentina.

HLXW is a global supplier of small wind vertical axis turbines designed to generate from 300W to 50kW of renewable energy, which the Company designs, manufactures and successfully sells on its own by virtue of its extensive wind-industry experience.

HLXW, in conjunction with its distributor EDAL Re, Inc., of Buenos Aires, will install 15kW power islands starting February 2010 to fulfill the requirements of this project, which is being funded by the World Bank.

EDAL Re is a solution provider for the energy sector specializing in carbon footprint reduction with a motivating philosophy grounded in environmental responsibility.

After standard testing shows good results, the Helix Wind S594 vertical axis wind turbines will be provisioned to be utilized by each power island in conjunction with photovoltaic arrays; collectively the project will offset some 2.3 MW of energy generated from fossil fuels.

This project is part of a forward-reaching program to provide clean energy to rural Argentina, known as the World Bank’s Energy in the Rural Market Project (PERMER), and marks a significant step forward for the region.

Director of EDAL Re Javier Wolcoff elaborated on the synergistic device architecture, saying, “Wind turbines are the perfect complement to the project’s solar arrays since the most predominant winds in the high desert occur once the sun goes down.”

Wolcoff also praised the quality and robust engineering standards of HLXW turbines which can “withstand the brutal northwest Argentinean winds”, citing the ease of installation, even in difficult terrain, and very low servicing demand as evidence of the superiority of the S594.

CEO of HLXW Ian Gardner happily pointed out that the healthy relationship shared by the two companies would foster success in developing this renewable energy project. Gardner said of EDAL Re that, as the first to sign a distribution agreement with HLXW, they hold “the right to commercialize Helix Wind turbines in much of South America and Netherlands Antilles”.

Minister of Planning, Development and Infrastructure for Jujuy Province, Lic. Fernando Frias, expressed excitement surrounding this migration to clean, renewable energy. Frias also spoke of the pride of bringing advanced technologies to his remote province, saying of its impact on the people, “This will contribute to providing clean energy to our population (and the obvious development that comes with it) and broaden their minds to include a new world of possibilities.”