Helix Wind Corp. is a global renewable energy firm. The company is engaged in the design, manufacturing and sale of small wind vertical axis turbines designed to generate 300W, 1kW, 2.0kW, 4.0kW, and 50kW of clean, renewable electricity.

Helix Wind recently announced that it has established a joint venture with Atoll Financial Group to develop products and financing mechanisms for individuals, small businesses and commercial users. The company’s distributors will also be offered short-term and trade finance to help in the distribution of Helix Wind’s small wind turbines.

The benefit for individuals and small businesses is a smaller cash outlay and the ability to match expenditure with their electric bill savings. For commercial users, the financing will create cash flow. Importantly, Helix Wind distributors will be able to purchase and carry inventory. This will greatly minimize turnaround time for customers and help the company’s distributors manage cash flows.

The arrangement with Atoll Financial will also enable Helix Wind to build manufacturing facilities, if needed, in those markets where demand supports the investment as well as finance export sales into countries where Helix Wind does not have a local partner.

Helix Wind CEO Ian Gardner said, “We are excited to be the only small wind company to offer individuals and small businesses financing for small wind turbines, which can make purchasing renewable energy much more accessible to consumers.” Mr. Gardner also added “ This joint venture with Atoll Financial Group provides Helix Wind with the operational flexibility we need to grow.”