Henry Cavill has teased what might be Superman's new garb in the upcoming “Justice League” film.

The “Man of Steel” actor shared a photo of what appears to be an ornate black armor on Instagram. He captioned it: “#superman.”



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While the teaser could mean anything, many believe that the actor is hinting at what the character's arc in the upcoming film will be. The superhero donned a black suit in the “Death of Superman” comic book, according to Cinemablend. In the story, the hero died after fighting  against Doomsday. A year later, however, Kal-El was brought to life with the help of The Last Son of Krypton, also known as the Eradicator.

Despite being resurrected, the hero was no longer the same, so he was given a black suit that could absorb the sunlight he needed to regain his strength. The suit was only temporary though, and after a few issues, Superman was back to donning the classic red, yellow and blue suit.

While it has not been confirmed, those who have seen the hero in “Batman vs. Superman” know that the character died and his suit was left with a hole courtesy of Doomsday. With this in mind, it appears that the speculated arc is the logical direction to go.

Cavill's teaser comes a week after a fan took the liberty to edit one of Cavill's photos to make him look like he has long hair. The photo also shows the actor wearing a black suit, according to Screen Rant.

While it appears that the hint is about the character's resurrection, The Hollywood Reporter said that it could also be teasing something else. Superman also crossed over to the dark side at some point. In the 2013-2014 comics, Darkseid made an evil clone of Superman. The evil clone wore a black costume similar to the hero's original suit.

Fans would just have to wait and see whether their favorite hero would be resurrected and remain on the side of good when “Justice League” hits theaters Nov. 17, 2017.