As the Herman Cain affair allegation takes a toll on the GOP presidential nominee hopeful, indications are that the businessman will drop out of the race by Monday.

Cain, who has never held elected office, says he will make a decision before Monday on the future of his White House bid. Still on the campaign trail, Cain will reportedly sit down with his wife, Gloria, this weekend to discuss whether or not he drops out of the race amid allegations of sexual harassment and a long-term affair.

I've got to consider family considerations first, he told Sean Hannity Thursday night in an interview on Fox News. I want to do the assessment that we've got to do. Every time a new bit of information comes up, that stimulates another story in the media and that hurts my family and my wife, and it hurts me,

Translation: He's dropping out of the race.

Already Cain has had to admit that yes, he did give money to the woman accusing him of an affair and did not tell his wife about it. Cain has said his wife only found out about the money he gave to Ginger White after the allegations of the affair became public. White, of Atlanta, has maintained that Cain had a sexual affair with her for 13 years.

She was hurt, Cain said on Fox about his wife's reaction to the news that he gave White money. She has forgiven me and she loves me.

The allegations of sexual harassment and an extramarital affair have hurt Cain in the polls. He surged to the top of many GOP presidential race polls after winning the Florida Straw Poll in a surprising victory. But in recent weeks his numbers have been dropping. A new Iowa poll shows, for instance, that Cain has fallen 15 points since October. At one time, he was running close to Republican front-runner Mitt Romney. Now, the Des Moines Register poll has Cain registering only 8 percent of support in Iowa.

The fall for Cain has been hard and fast and, while he has not yet dropped out of the race, indications certainly point that way. If he remains in the race, Cain will certainly have to answer to the allegations of the affair, which he originally denied. As a GOP candidate, the media won't let that one go away without answers.

Yet Cain made it clear on Fox News Thursday that he is not interested in answering the question. When pushed by Hannity on the point of whether an affair could be proven via hotel bills or surveillance video tape, Cain avoided a direct response.

Sean, do me a favor, let's not play detective, he said to Hannity, who is a friend. I am going to re-establish my character...My attorney is working on that. But I don't want to play detective right now.

The best assessment, then, is that Cain will decide this weekend to get out of the race. It was a roller coaster ride for Herman Cain. He was low. He shot up high, fast. Then, he did a free fall. And that's where Cain gets off, since the ride for him is all but over.