Actress Ali Larter is reportedly shopping for a lifestyle book deal, but don't expect it to be filled with expensive ideas that you can't afford.

The New York Post's Page Six is reporting that the Heroes actress wants to find a publisher for Kitchen Revelry: Fun, Fearless and Festive Ideas To Inspire You To Take a Bite Out of Life. The book is being dubbed the anti-Goop behind the scenes, according to Page Six. The jibe is a reference to actress Gwyneth Paltrow's website,, which was mocked in the media when it launched in 2008 due to its costly lifestyle advice.

Larter did tweet a little something earlier this month that suggested she was working on a book: Just had to pull my cookbook proposals back from UPS because the font was wrong!!! Big difference between PDF and Powerpoint.

Oh, and she defended Paltrow via Twitter on Thursday: Page 6!!!! I love @GwynethPaltrow She is a slice of heaven on earth to me!

Larter's book, if the deal does go through, would take readers in a different -- and more economical -- direction.

This journey started during my first, disastrous dinner party, Larter said, according to the NYP. I lived in a fourth-floor walk-up above a pub...I was lonely and trying to use it as a way to meet new people. My insecurities got the best of me and I drank too much wine. I had my mind set on an overly complicated dish...I just wish I had found laughter through the tears. Mistakes happen...burn, cry, reapply!

Larter did admit that she enjoys reading cookbooks to Vanity Fair in 2009.

I love to cook, she said. I spend weekends reading cookbooks -- it's really my relaxation.

Celebrities often like to add the word author to their resumes and will release some kind of book to varying degrees of success. Actress Hilary Duff, fashion pro Lauren Conrad and the Kardashian sisters all have published works of fiction (whether they actually wrote them is a completely different story). Even Nicole Snooki Polizzi of Jersey Shore fame is an author, and here's a fun fact (or a sign that humanity is doomed, however you want to see it): Her 2011 novel A Shore Thing made the New York Times' Best Sellers list.

It seems that Larter wants to go the nonfiction route, and she's got company. Paltrow, in addition to her Goop website, published a cookbook in 2011, My Father's Daughter.

Pippa Middleton, who isn't a Hollywood celebrity but whose mug and derriere have attracted worldwide fame since the wedding of her older sister, Kate Middleton (ie the Duchess of Cambridge), has a party-planning book coming out in October. (She works for her parents' company, Party Pieces.)

Actress Jessica Alba will publish her own lifestyle book, The Honest Life, in 2013. The book will contain tips on maintaining a clean but also toxin-free home.

I'm not extreme, the mother of two told People magazine. This book is for people who are in the middle but want to create a healthier life, like me.