“Heroes Reborn” will be making its heroic debut on television when the spinoff airs in 2015. But if you’re keeping your fingers crossed for the original cast to reprise their roles in the Tim Kring series, you may be pretty disappointed – especially you Milo Ventimiglia fans.

The actor confirmed on Twitter that viewers will not be seeing Peter Petrelli mimic post-human abilities in the coming science fiction drama.

 Ventimiglia was responding to a curious fan who asked if his character would be joining Jack Coleman’s Noah Bennet on “Heroes Reborn.” Coleman was officially added to the cast earlier this month.

Why won’t Ventimiglia be dusting off his super human powers for the spinoff? We have a few theories of why he opted out of “Heroes Reborn.”

1. Scheduling conflicts: Currently the actor is up to his eyeballs with acting gigs, which may be one reason the brunette heartthrob might not be able to appear in the spinoff.

Even though fans won’t be seeing Ventimiglia in “Heroes Reborn” they will be able to catch him in the films “Walter,” “Wild Card,” “Madtown” and “Tell” and the 2014 TV series “The Whispers” where he’ll be portraying the role of John Doe/Drew.

2. Distress on set: When “Heroes” was on the air, it was revealed that two of the cast had paired up. Fans were obsessed with Ventimiglia’s relationship with co-actor Hayden Panettiere – and so was the press, especially when things between the lovebirds started getting rocky.

After they broke up, it was revealed that the two were unable to work professionally alongside one another – even months after their relationship ended. Talk about teen drama!

“Milo hoped they could maintain a professional relationship,” a source leaked to The National Enquirer. But it was said that Panettiere was unable to control her rolling eyes. “She’s been badmouthing Milo behind the scenes to the producers. She gripes about doing scenes with him and flashes him dirty looks when they are not shooting. Hayden told Milo, ‘Will you please get over yourself! Your ego is getting in the way of my acting!’”

Even though Panettiere has not been confirmed to appear in the spinoff of “Heroes,” her TV dad, Noah Bennet, will be breaking out his spectacles for “Heroes Reborn.” Perhaps Ventimiglia is being extra cautious to avoid his ex-girlfriend in case she decides to rejoin her television dad.

3. A different direction: Kring originally said in earlier reports that he planned on taking “Heroes Reborn” in a different direction for the 13 episode event series. That meant a new storyline along with a new cast. Maybe the creator wanted to start fresh without any main characters to take away from the spinoff’s debut.

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