Football fans had their fill of grade A commercials during the 2015 Super Bowl game from Budweiser’s adorable puppy ad to T-Mobile’s hilarious skit with Kim Kardashian West. However, the most exciting thing we spotted during the game’s commercial breaks was the unveiling of the first promo for NBC’s reboot, “Heroes Reborn.” 

It was announced in February 2014 that the beloved science fiction television drama “Heroes” would return to the small screen as a 13-episode miniseries. Little was revealed about the exciting new project, created by the original drama’s executive producer Tim Kring, except that the new installment would “reconnect with the basic elements of the show’s first season” of ordinary folk discovering their mystical abilities.

Following the leaked synopsis, NBC divulged that Jack Coleman, who portrayed Noah Bennet (aka Horn-Rimmed Glasses), would reprise his role. The network also announced that Zachary Levi would be joining the cast in a “key, yet undisclosed role.”

“One of my first, and fondest, memories of joining the NBC family in 2007 was having the pleasure of getting to know Tim Kring, and the cast of ‘Heroes,’" Levi told the press after he was officially cast. "I was a fan of their collective work and always thought it was such a fantastic and fun world they got to play in. With ‘Heroes: Reborn,’ I’m honored to have the opportunity to bring more of that world to life, and excited to help in offering the fans of the franchise an epic new installation of a series that made such a huge impact on entertainment.”

More was uncovered about the “Heroes Reborn” twosome during the drama’s exciting Super Bowl commercial. The 16-second promo, titled “The Aurora,” showed HRG tracking down a little girl with the special ability of what looked like controlling the weather. The clip then quickly showed Levi’s parka-donning character spying on Noah and the young girl through binoculars.

Could this mean the “Chuck” actor is playing a hunter, one tasked with the duty of seeking out those gifted with powers and putting an end to them? Or will Levi be portraying a protector as he watches the Heroes from afar, looking after them? Our last theory is that maybe Levi's character is a normal human who accidentally stumbles upon the secretive world of the Heroes after witnessing one of their powers.

Sound off in the comments section below with your theories of whether or not Levi will play a villain in “Heroes Reborn.”