After two weeks spent in the past, NBC’s “Heroes Reborn” returned to the present day, as a catastrophic solar event is about to take place and destroy most of life on Earth. However, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) changed some things in the present when he tried to kill Erica Kravid (Rya Khilstedt). These changes came back to bite him in episode 9, “Sundae, Bloody Sunday,” when he tries to find Claire’s (Hayden Panettiere) kids Nathan (Robbie Kay) and Malina (Danika Yarosh).

Carlos (Ryan Guzman) is still enroute with Capt. Dearing (Dylan Bruce) to Sunstone Manor, where his nephew is being held. Carlos was given evo blood by Dearing so it would look like he was Dearing’s evo prisoner to get inside the manor. Dearing didn’t lock Carlos’s handcuffs, so Carlos is able to free himself and knock out the man.

Tommy a.k.a. Nathan goes to see his mother at the hospital. She finally explains to Tommy who he is, who his real mother is and that he has Hiro Nakamura’s (Masi Oka) powers. He doesn’t believe he can time travel, but Bennet walks in the room, tells him that he can and they have to get to Odessa.

Malina and Luke (Zachary Levi) stop at a diner in their travels and she tells Luke she believes meeting him was destiny to get her to find Nathan. As Malina talks to Luke, she starts to figure out Luke lost his son and is why he seems so lost.

Emily (Gatlin Green) is at work talking to Casper Abraham (Pruitt Taylor Vince), who is having a hard time bringing himself to wipe her memories of Nathan. Emily goes to check on a customer at a table when she sees Joanne has come back for revenge.

Carlos dresses up as one of the workers at Sunstone Manor and starts looking for his nephew. Dearing is trying to stall the woman at the front desk, but she says they need to make sure he’s not an evo. He knows they’ll find out about him, so he takes down one guard with his evo strength, before the woman at the desk tranquilizes him.

Nathan is talking to Quentin (Henry Zebrowkski) when he gets a phone call from Joanne on Emily’s phone and Nathan teleports to the ice cream shop to save Emily. Abraham is close to talking Joanne down and wiping her memory with a penny, but Nathan shows up and everything changes. Abraham tries to distract Joanne but she shoots him in the head.

NUP_170241_0364 Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg, left) gets inside of Carlos's (Ryan Guzman, right) mind and reveals his deepest secret on "Heroes Reborn," episode 9. Photo: NBC

When the shot rings out, Luke and Malina arrive at the ice cream shop. Luke threatens to use his fire power against Joanne if she doesn’t put the gun down. She refuses and goes to shoot Emily, while Luke sends flames her way. Nathan uses his ability to stop time before anyone is hurt.

During the time stop, Nathan moves the bullet in the air so it misses Emily; he also sees Malina hiding in the back, but he doesn't know it’s his sister. He then touches Emily and transports somewhere else and time starts up again. Joanne and Luke take off running as police close in on the ice cream shop. While running Joanne is stopped by Harris Prime (Clé Bennett) in an SUV who tells her to get in.

Carlos finds his nephew and Father, but they’re brainwashed and believe they’re in a good place. He tries to get them to leave with him, but gets taken into custody by guards. Dearing meets with the Director of Sunstone Manor, who goes inside Dearing’s head and makes him feel guilty about turning in his own kind. Dearing then goes into another room and shoots himself.

The Director of the facility turns out to be Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) and he starts using his ability to get into Carlos’s mind, where he pulls out memories of Carlos’s time as a soldier. Parkman sees he knew Farrah and realizes Carlos could be useful to him and Renautas.

Nathan teleports to the hospital with Emily where they meet Bennet. Bennet says they have to leave immediately, but Nathan’s ability to teleport isn’t working. The shadows start to overtake the halls, as Phoebe (Aislinn Paul) emerges. Quentin then holds a gun up to Nathan and Bennet realizes that Quentin was what he changed by going to the future. Bennet surrenders but promises he’ll find Nathan again, while Phoebe and Quentin get away with Nathan.

Bennet goes to the ice cream shop where Abraham was killed and there he finds his granddaughter Malina. Unfortunately for Bennet, Nathan was taken to Erica, who now has one half of the only two people who can save the world.

Other Major Moments From Episode 9:

  • Taylor Kravid (Eve Harlow) is still on the run from her mother, after disclosing Erica’s true intentions to the Hero Truther group. They reach out to her, asking to meet in person and when she goes to the location, she is grabbed by masked men and thrown in a van. At first it appears as though Erica set her up, but it was just an evo pretending to be Erica to test Taylor’s loyalty.
  • Due to some of the past events changing, the Haitian is alive once again and is part of the Hero Truthers. He asks Taylor for help in locating their leader Mica, who Erica has in custody. Taylor pins his likely location to the first property Erica bought with her millions, which is Sunstone Manor.
  • Miko’s (Kiki Sukezane) mission may not have come to a close when she got Hiro out of the Evernow video game. In the final moments of episode 9, Miko was shown waking up 7957 years in the future after a butterfly landed on her. What will her new destiny be?