Hi All,

I am Karthik from India. I have been trading forex for the past 8 years (never realised that i was trading for so long until i checked my records today !!). Anyway, as the title suggests, i trade mainly using Murray Maths and Price Action. Before i go any further, a little history about my forex career.

As stated, i started out about 8 yrs back. I have lost a lot of money and i have also gained a lot of money. But most importantly for me, i have learnt a lot during the journey. As my experience grew, i also started managing accounts. I blew up some of these accounts (along with mine) initially, due to various reasons, which included the fact that i was new to managing accounts at that point of time and also due to the investors themselves who wanted me to over leverage inspite of me repeatedly warning them about the risks involved.

Anyway, as stated, i grew up and learnt a lot and now i am at a stage where i manage funds for a few big hedge funds and also have myown managed fund. I am a full time fund manager,analyst and trader and i post at several websites and also have several webinars.

Anyway, i wish to use this blog to share some of the lessons i have learnt so that i can fast track some of you guys and also help some of you avoid the pitfalls that i faced. I will not only try and share what i learnt, i will also post charts and reveal how i trade.

Lets see how things go…

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