Hi Score Corporation is a leading supplier of eco-friendly lighting products in the Western Hemisphere. The Company offers their customers safe, efficient, solid-state “green” lighting as an alternative to conventional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Hi Score Corporation sells their products directly to consumers and businesses as well as to municipalities.

Hi Score Corporation offers a broad selection of high quality, long lasting LED lighting products. These can replace existing incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs as well as compact fluorescent lights.

On January 4, 2010, Hi Score Corporation and their wholly owned subsidiary Green LED Technology Inc. announced that they retained the services of Grant Enterprises of America. They are a consulting firm specializing in government contract applications. Grant Enterprises will be supervising the final phase of the Company’s efforts to become a Government Service Administration Vendor. The Company began the process of gaining approval as a GSA Schedule Holder in June of 2009.

Recently, the Company’s Green LED Technology Inc. announced that they received an invitation by the City of Coral Springs, Florida to bid on the supply and application of LED Street Lights. The goal of the project is to replace conventional 250-watt streetlights with Green LED Technology’s energy saving LED street lights, which only use 112 watts. This project is part of the Company’s objective of converting 100,000 streetlights within the next 24 months in Southern and Central Florida.

In addition, Hi Score Corporation recently announced that they achieved a new milestone by extending their distribution agreement with Consolidated Electrical Distributors. The distribution started in early 2009, providing Consolidated Electrical with the exclusive right to distribute the American Made Energy Saving Street Lights. The plan calls for Consolidated Electrical Distributors Miami to distribute the line through all 660 of their sister locations throughout the continental United States.

Last Thursday, Hi Score Corporation announced that Euro Motorsports of Fort Lauderdale is now saving 60 percent off their lighting bill because of the Green LED Lights installed by Green LED Technology Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of High Score Corporation. Euro Motorsports is a luxury and exotic car dealership that specializes in Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce vehicles.