Nerves were high for travelers on the anniversary of September 11 as two airlines were escorted by fighter jets and Kansas City flights were delayed due to a suspicious device.

The first American Airlines flight, Los Angeles to JFK, was escorted by military jets after the pilot became wary of frequent bathroom trips by passengers.

Federal Air Marshals on the flight were able to calm the situation by giving instructions to passengers aboard. Shortly after, the pilot radioed in that the situation was all clear.

The next incident involved a bathroom make out aboard a Frontier flight from Denver to Detroit.

Two passengers were flagged for suspicious behavior after making multiple elongated trips to the restroom.

Upon landing, the plane was taken to a remote area of the airport for screening. The plane was cleared for explosives, and three passengers were interviewed. Law enforcement found in their interviewing that the suspicious behavior was actually a couple joining the mile-high club with bathroom make out sessions.

The Kansas City terminal was shut down at 9:30 a.m. for several hours on Sunday due to a device in an ex-NYPD officer's bag.

The device tested negative for explosives, however the bomb squad did use a high-pressure water canon to open the package. Bridget Patton, FBI spokesperson, refused to say what the device was to the Wall Street Journal.

The man was taken into custody and the terminal was cleared for precautions.

The incident caused delays through the airport, although no flights were affected.