High Plains Gas, Inc. released the reactivation schedule for the company’s oil and natural gas wells located on its leasehold in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.

High Plains Gas acquired these properties from Marathon Oil (MRO) in the fourth quarter of 2010 and has been reactivating wells on the site to produce marketable natural gas. The company’s original goal was to reactivate thirty wells per month during the balance of 2011, but this program has been accelerated by the management of High Plains Gas to the rate of sixty wells per month starting with the third quarter of 2011.

High Plains Gas expects to bring the Hank Williams, Wild Horse and Middle Prong fields onto production in the third quarter of 2011. There are 175 wells here with a production value of 1.3 million cubic feet per day of natural gas.

High Plains Gas plans to bring the House Creek and Cates Draw areas back onto production during the fourth quarter of 2011. These two areas have a total of 58 wells that are candidates for reactivation.

High Plains Gas said that the acquired properties consist of 1,614 wells on 155,000 net acres.

For more information on the company, go to www.highplainsgas.com