The dollar strengthened again in markets, after it declined last week against major currencies. Liquidity was back to markets in the Asian session, and volumes inclined giving the dollar a chance to gain momentum and incline against the euro and other major currencies. On the other hand, the dollar dropped against the Australian dollar, after the Reserve Bank of Australia raised interest rates by 25 basis points to reach 4.25%, and the pair is currently trading around 0.9221, after recording a high of 0.9229.

The euro dollar pair declined today to record a low of 1.3413, and the pair is currently trading around 1.3432. The union currency dropped again due to fears in European markets about Greece and other European counties that may not be able to payback its debts. The pair can find a support at 1.3380 level followed by a support at 1.3330 levels, while the resistance could be found at 1.3460.

The resistance level of 1.5270 stopped the upside move taken by the pound dollar pair last week. The pair dropped from this level in today's Asian session, as liquidity was back to markets after the end of Easter holidays. The pair is currently trading around 1.5225, after recording a low of 1.5210 and a high of 1.5280. Today's support could found at 1.5180 levels and 1.5125 levels.

Finally, the Japanese yen inclined again against the American dollar, after the sharp decline witnessed last week. The pair is trading around the support level of 94.00, and if it breached this level, it may target the 93.11 levels. The pair recorded a high of 94.28 and a low of 93.88, while momentum indicators are supporting the downside.