Hilary Duff is currently on tour promoting her second novel Devoted but the actress/author has baby on the brain.

The 24-year-old has been discussing her pregnancy to different media outlets along her book tour.

Duff told MTV News, Everyone else says it's a girl, but I think it's a boy. I'd be happy with a girl... but every time I think about it or dream about it, I see a boy.

The blurry dreams will prove to be true or false soon enough. Duff is not going to wait to be surprised and will find out the sex of the child once both her mom and her sister are available to go with her.

It's so different. It's literally like an alien has taken over your body. One day I'll have a good day, and one day I'll have a bad day, and it kinda goes like that, she said.

The young beauty also visited Good Morning America on Oct. 10 and discussed her weird cravings.

When I get something on my mind I want, I want it now, I'm ferocious. I'm always up for red hots, which is so weird because I've never liked them before. Thank god it isn't fried and covered in butter, she said.

Hilary Duff announced her pregnancy in August via her official website. The announcement came on the same date as her first wedding anniversary to hockey player husband, Mike Comrie.

I can't believe it has already been a year, time really flies when you're having fun!! We also want to share the exciting news that...... BABY MAKES THREE!!! she wrote to fans.

My husband makes this joke that I think I'm pregnant like 12 times a year, she said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show reported by People magazine.


So when it actually happened ... he was in the shower and I just held up the test and I was like, 'Oh my God.' And he was like, 'Ahh!' He was soaking wet. We were just a mess and started crying. It was really exciting.

She rose to fame with her hit Disney series, Lizzie McGuire. But since then, the actress has displayed more diverse talents.

Devoted is a sequel to her first hit paranormal novel, Elixir.

Duff is not only an actress and best-selling author, but she also has dug her hands into fashion. In 2003 she had her own clothing line, Stuff by Hilary Duff, and in 2009 she teamed up with DKNY Jeans to co-create a rocker chic collection labeled Femme.

She can be seen in the most recent ads for the 2011 Danskin Clothing Line modeling the company's activewear clothing.