Hilary Duff has released Devoted, the second book in her Elixir trilogy.

So what will Devoted have to offer fans? 

Duff spoke of the trilogy's protagonist, Clea, and her love interest, Sage.

Clea has a lot of big questions to answer and decisions to make, Duff said, MTV reported. Clearly Sage and her got separated, and it didn't end ideally for them, so she's having a hard time. 

The actress, singer and soon-to-be mom added author to her resume with the publication of Elixir in 2010.

Duff seems to be proud to call herself an author, as that is the first way she identifies herself on her Twitter account.

Taking a quick break from my early morning press! Go pick up my book people! It's out today and I'm getting excited for my signing tonight! she Tweeted on Monday.

Duff said she will start writing the trilogy's final book soon.

It will probably be very emotional for my state, she said, MTV reported. I think it will come out a little sooner because it will be easier and quicker.