Hillary Clinton made jokes about her hair again. She referred to her age while talking about her coiffure Wednesday.

If elected, Clinton will not only be the first female U.S. president but also the second oldest U.S. president to take office. The oldest was Ronald Reagan, who turned 70 soon after he was sworn in as the 40th president of the United States in 1981. Clinton will be 69 when the next oath of office is administered, in January 2017.

According to Clinton, U.S. presidents look “vigorous” when they take office. Over time, their hair becomes as white as the building they live in. However, she said that would not be the case if she became president. “I have one big advantage: I’ve been coloring my hair for years,” Politico quoted Clinton. “You’re not going to see me turning white in the White House.”

This was not the first time Clinton made a joke about her hair. In 1995 when she was first lady, she quipped that she would change her hairstyle if she wanted to be a part of a front-page story.

Several women in politics are critical about Clinton's reference to her looks while expressing her ambitions about residing at the White House. They say that it reveals a double standard for female politicians in the country.  

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said women in politics were judged entirely by their appearance. She said she expected to be criticized for her looks while a male politician would not have to worry about it.

Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, said it was smart of Clinton to make fun of her hair. Doyle advises not to take the joke very seriously.

Fox News earlier made fun of the “faux Southern accent” Clinton used in South Carolina. She apparently dropped “g’s” while making a speech there.

Todd Starnes wrote that he was surprised that Clinton had not shown up at the rally “in bare feet, waving a cast iron skillet and singing 'Dixie.' ” Starnes added that, while Clinton had learned how to speak from “both sides of her mouth,” she would still have to work on her drawl.