CNN Films, on Monday, announced that it is planning a feature-length documentary on former First lady and secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, which will premiere next year.

According to Associated Press, the documentary will be directed by Oscar-winning director and producer Charles Ferguson, known for his works such as "No End In Sight: The American Occupation of Iraq" and "Inside Job".

"I am very excited to be making a film about Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose fascinating life and work embody so many of America's, and the world's, hopes and challenges," Ferguson said in a statement cited by Ace Showbiz, an entertainment website.

The documentary will focus on Clinton’s personal as well as professional life and is slated to hit theaters first before being aired on cable networks, the Ace Showbiz report said.

CNN Films’ announcement comes just a few days after NBC announced that it is planning a four-hour miniseries on Clinton's life.

NBC's series, titled “Hillary”, will star “Man of Steel” actress Diane Lane as the leading lady, and will follow her life from 1998, the year President Clinton’s scandal with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, broke. The miniseries is set to air before the 2016 presidential elections, for which Clinton is widely expected to declare her candidacy, although she has not announced whether or not she will consider another shot at the presidency.

“She's a compelling figure, she's polarizing sometimes, and she has been in the public eye for years, making controversial decisions," Brian Steinberg, senior TV editor for Variety magazine, told CNN’s The Lead about the miniseries.

"It's a very challenging project for any actor or actress to play this kind of, you know, larger than life personality, who's had a big hand in running the country, and the world," Steinberg said.