Hitler had ordered sex dolls for his troops during World War Two in order to safeguard them against sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis after sleeping with French women, recently surfaced reports said.

The dolls called 'gynoids' were made from silicone and were designed to stop soldiers from contracting syphilis. When Hungarian actress Kathe von Nagy turned down the request that the dolls be modelled after her, they were fashioned with blonde bob hair and blue eyes so that the soldiers could use their imagination.

According to the Daily Mail it was author Graeme Donald who uncovered the secretive 'Borghild Project' while researching the history of the Barbie doll which was based on a German sex doll called Lilli doll. He included the event in his book Mussolini's Barber, which is a compilation of bizarre stories connected with the biggest events of history.

The World War Two project began after Henrich Himmler wrote, The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores, picking up clients in bars, dance halls, and other places. It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health just for the sake of a quick adventure.

According to the Daily Mail, the dolls were first trialled at the Nazi occupied Jersey in St. Hellier. Immler was so impressed by the bolls that he immediately ordered 50 of them. However, in the beginning of 1942 the whole project was ended and any trace of it was eradicated in the Allied bombing of Dresden. The story was related by a German sculptor who was on the team that designed the dolls at Racial Hygiene and Demographic Biology Research Unit.

Graeme Donald came across this story while researching the history of the Barbie doll that was based on the German sex doll, Lilli doll. He said that two Americans Ruth and Elliot Handler who were visiting Germany in 1956 came cross the Lilli Dolls that were sold at barber shops and nightclubs around Germany and were not for children. Ruth who was ignorant of this, bought the doll and used it as a foundation for what became famous as Barbie doll later on.