The HM Treasury in London released its expectations average for October in 2009 for the UK economy showing that GDP growth will contract by 4.3 percent, CPI for the fourth quarter to be 1.7%, RPI for the fourth quarter also at -0.3%, claimant unemployed for the fourth quarter is 1.75 million. Current account projections that are averaged for October to have a deficit of 28.2 billion pounds while public sector net borrowing (PSNB) to deal with a widened budget deficit of 183.4 billion pounds for the end of the fiscal year which is in 2010.

Also estimates were released for next year showing that the average for October in 2010 for GDP growth to expand by 1.2% while CPI for the fourth quarter to be at 1.8 percent. Regarding the amount of claimant unemployed is to stand at 1.97 million for the fourth quarter.