Full service was restored Monday at a transit station in New Jersey where a commuter crashed onto a passenger concourse, killing a woman and injuring over 100 others. Tracks 5 and 6 at Hoboken Terminal will remain closed due to ongoing repairs.

The ticket office has also resumed operations and six additional tracks opened at the terminal at 4 a.m. EDT Monday, according to New Jersey Transit.  However, it also warned that there may be delays given the repair work.

“Congested conditions in certain locations may also be expected at the terminal with the loss of space around tracks 5 and 6,” the agency said.

Trains coming to the station will reduce their approach speed from 10 miles per hour to 5 miles per hour for safety, NJ Transit Executive Director Steven Santoro said.

The Sept. 29 crash occurred when the commuter train was traveling at just 10 miles per hour as it neared the Hoboken Terminal, Thomas Gallagher, the train’s engineer, told investigators. He also said that he has no memory of the crash.

The train reportedly lacked Positive Train Control, a safety system that may have prevented the crash by automatically slowing the train’s speed.

Since 2011, NJ Transit trains have been involved in over 160 accidents leading to more than $4.8 million in damages to tracks and equipment. It has also paid more than $500,000 to settle 183 safety violations, according to data from the Federal Railroad Administration.