French President Francois Hollande was scheduled to address France and the world Wednesday night local time after a coordinated attack on the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical news magazine, left at least 12 dead. Experts speculate the attack was perpetrated by Islamic extremists, because Charlie Hebdo was known for controversial cartoons some Muslims found offensive. Hollande met with top officials soon after the attack to discuss the shooting.

A number of French television stations will livestream Hollande’s speech so viewers in the United States can watch the event. France24, a Paris-based station that broadcasts in English, can be watched here. A French-language station, BFM TV can be watched here. BFM TV is a highly reliable live stream, although it is not clear if they will broadcast in English. A live stream of the speech can also be watched below: 

Hollande said about the attack early Wednesday: “An act of exceptional barbarism has just been committed here in Paris against a newspaper – a newspaper, i.e. the expression of freedom – and against journalists who had always wanted to show that in France they could always work to uphold their ideas and to enjoy the very freedom the Republic protects. There were also police to protect them. They – journalists and police – were cravenly murdered. As I speak, 11 people have died and four are in a critical condition. We don’t yet have a definitive toll of all the victims, but there are 40 people who are under protection and who are safe …  And so we have put the Vigipirate Plan on “attack” level. Action was taken immediately following the attack to find the perpetrators of these acts. They will be hunted down for as long as necessary so they can be arrested and brought before judges and sentenced. France is in shock – the shock of an attack, because it’s a terrorist attack, there’s no doubt about that.”

You can also watch British Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discuss the attack and other European issues here, via Sky News: