Holly Madison has continued to make headlines since she published her memoir, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.” But there’s one burning query some people have: Why now? It’s been more than seven years since she was in a relationship with Hugh Hefner and called his famous Los Angeles mansion home.

It’s simple, Madison told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview Friday; she wanted to “set the record straight” and 2015 just happened to be the right time for her.

After all, it wasn’t the first time she wrote a memoir, nor was it the first deal she was offered. "I’ve gotten offers for book deals before, especially right after I left the mansion," Madison said. "But I didn’t want to do it then because I didn’t want to do just a tell-all about someone." The blonde beauty continued: “Over the years I met so many people who had so many misconceptions about what my life was like at the mansion, and I really wanted to set the record straight."

Madison, now 35, doesn’t have the kindest things to say about her ex-boyfriend, the magazine mogul. But the buxom blonde isn’t worried about Hefner’s feelings or thoughts. She said the book is the “truth” and there’s no reason to talk to Hef, now 89, again after years of radio silence. “I mean, I’m sure he’ll have his own way to react to it, but it’s all the truth -- it’s all stuff that he was there for and did! So it’s not going to be a surprise,” she said.

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner Holly Madison discusses her breakup with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in her tell-all book. Here, the former couple poses at a press conference for E! at the Playboy Mansion in 2007. Photo: Getty Images

The Playboy veteran recently dished that Hefner sent her “creepy” letters after she left him and the mansion. He would “reprimand” her for things she said in the media. "At the time I had a TV show ['Holly's World'] on, so I was doing all kinds of random interviews and they’d ask me my opinion on the new 'Girls Next Door' or who he was dating,” she told Us Weekly in a different interview.

But Madison didn’t take the messages to heart: "It just got to the point where I’d throw them away and not even look at them. There was a very creepy vibe to them.

Hefner isn’t the only person she’s battled since promoting and releasing her memoir. She also dished secrets about former housemate and “friend” Kendra Wilkinson. The “Kendra On Top” star has taken sides with Hefner and said Madison just wants payback because Hefner wouldn’t marry Madison and have children with her.

"How could she want kids and get married to him and then, next thing you know, say these types of things about Hef? It's just out of revenge, and I feel bad for Hef. But you know what? He's an amazing human being,” Wilkinson, 30, told People magazine.

“Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny” hit bookshelves Tuesday.

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