width=375Home Decor: The Old Hollywood style so popular with today's starlets on the red carpet has carried beyond finger curl hairstyles and full-length gowns and into the home décor arena.

While Hollywood has always had glamour, from red carpets to the homes in the surrounding hills, Old Hollywood has permeated outside of Hollywood proper into luxurious homes everywhere.

According to Posh Interior Design, the Old Hollywood look in the home décor arena is known as Hollywood Regency, it's a style that looks fresh and can incorporate modern pieces, with some old-fashioned wit and vintage flair thrown in.

To get the true essence of Hollywood Regency, you need:

1. Color: Chinese red, yellow, apple green, turquoise
2. Fantastic elements: Chinoiserie patterned wallpaper, fretwork, Morrocan style screen dividers, ornate French style carving on mirrors and lamp
3. Patterns: floral or graphic prints on chairs
4. Go big: oversized pieces work well for Hollywood Regency
5. Minimal clutter

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