Donald Trump

'This Is The Definition Of Conflict Of Interest'

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown sounds alarm on reports that President Trump will appoint a former Anthem lobbyist to run the Justice Department's antitrust unit.

So, What's Next For Donald Trump?

Trump told reporters his failing on his campaign promise was a learning experience. But what does that mean for the future of his agenda?

French Far-Right Leader Marine Le Pen Denies Kremlin Funding

Le Pen defended her campaign's soliciting of loans from a Russian bank as a response to the lack of funding from French financial institutions.
north korea

North Korea Compares Trump To Obama

Both U.S. presidential administrations have referenced "strategic patience" when dealing with Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions.

The Online Spying War We're All A Part Of

Hundreds of millions of everyday people are caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous, digital spying war – and they may not even know it.

Seeing Mega-Merger Approval, Anthem CEO Talks With Trump

The president talked by phone with the insurance giant's CEO after the company said it is relying on Trump to end regulators' antitrust lawsuit.

Video Games A Viable Treatment For Depression

A study by the University of California, Davis, found that playing specifically designed games made people feel they had more control over their depression.

April The Giraffe's Fetus Shows Increased Activity

The pregnant giraffe's fetus was “extremely quiet” on Sunday morning but its activity increased later in the day, according to the zoo that houses April.