Oil tanker

Explosion Of Oil Tanker Kills 120 In East Pakistan

An over speeding oil tanker overturned near the Pakistani city of Ahmedpur East on Sunday morning and exploded killing at least 120 people from nearby villages.

Malware Infections Up As Attackers Develop New Evasion Techniques

A report from cybersecurity firm McAfee sees a major increase in malware worldwide, especially on attacks that target Android and MacOS.

Can The Senate Health Care Bill Pass?

Senate Republicans last week unveiled their Obamacare repeal-and-replace measure but at least five GOP senators and all Democrats say they can't support it.
artificial intelligence human emotions

Don’t Fear AI — Welcome It. Here’s Why

Artificial intelligence will be good for marketers and consumers, if they learn to trust it, says the chief development officer of Sitecore.

What Are The Weirdest Things Ever Launched Into Space?

NASA and other space authorities have launched some bizarre things into space in the last few decades, everything from a Buzz Lightyear figurine to a drawing of a penis.

Money For Nothing? All That Democratic Cash, And Ossoff Still Lost

Despite record donations from party groups, centrist Jon Ossoff couldn’t win the Georgia special election. Will Democrats take Bernie Sanders’ advice and start backing progressives?

These 4 Animals Are Real Extinct American Creatures

They sound like mythical creatures but these prehistoric American animals were very real before they went extinct thousands of years ago.

2 Amazing Pictures Of Space Taken By An Amateur

These are some of the most visually striking things related to space.