Russia Military

US Reshaping Budget To Counter Russia’s Increasing Military Activity

Pentagon finalized a classified security assessment for President-elect Donald Trump who has vowed to ramp up U.S. defense spending.
snowden on petraeus

Snowden Says Petraeus Shared More Classified Information

David Petraeus, shortlisted by President-elect Donald Trump for secretary of state, had pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in 2015 for leaking classified information to his biographer.
jill stein

Michigan Court Orders Immediate Election Recount

The ruling comes after the Green Party’s presidential candidate Jill Stein filed a lawsuit against Michigan’s election officials to speed up the recount bid.

Final Decision Reached Regarding Completion Of Dakota Access Pipeline

After months of protests in North Dakota, a final decision has been handed down regarding the completion of the controversial pipeline.

Narendra Modi Tops Time ‘Person Of The Year’ Poll

The Indian prime minister saw a surge in positive votes in the last two-three weeks of the poll, leaving behind contenders like Julian Assange and Donald Trump.

More Bodies Pulled From Warehouse Fire, Death Toll Now 33

About a fifth of the Ghost Ship Warehouse has been searched in the wake of the blaze that erupted during a dance party.

Italian Voters Reject Constitutional Reforms

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi came to power as an anti-establishment outsider. His resignation could send shivers through markets as the opposition Five Star Movement pushes for Rome to drop the euro.
The Secretary of State is the president's top adviser on all things regarding foreign policy and affairs.

Why Donald Trump's Secretary Of State Pick Is Crucial

Congress inducted the first secretary of state in 1789.

van der bellin

Austrians Reject Anti-Immigration, Anti-Islam Candidate

President-elect Van der Bellin handily won the re-run election, ordered by a court that found irregularities in a May faceoff that Van der Bellin won by a mere 31,000 votes.

One Year After Attacks, San Bernardino Reflects On Trump

Mixed reactions surfaced in the southern California city over Trump's rhetoric toward Islam and security concerns in the country.

Tired? Here's How To Feel Better Physically

Health conditions such as recovering from surgery, anemia, depression, thyroid issues or pregnancy, can make it difficult to sleep.

Madonna To Auction Personal Photos And More At Miami Benefit

The queen of pop will be hosting a benefit show and auction during Art Basel Miami Beach, where attendees will be able to bid on Madonna's personal artworks and wedding photos.