How Iran’s Airlines Bypassed US Sanctions

Seven Iranian airlines sidestepped U.S. sanctions laws by importing U.S.-manufactured planes from third parties across the world.
facebook trending

Facebook Is Changing The News Feed, Again

For the first time, the social networking giant shared its five values to how it constructs the Facebook News Feed.

Ambush Marketing Is Unstoppable In Rio

Olympics sponsorships have never been more expensive. So why is the IOC relaxing the rules governing what athletes can promote?

Apple Sued For $10B By Man Claiming He Invented iPhone

A Florida man is claiming the iPhone, iPod and iPad are infringing upon an “electronic reading device” he invented over 20 years ago.

GOP Populism Gets Connecticut Test Run

Republican criticism of Gov. Dan Malloy in the conflict-of-interest controversy regarding Cigna echoes rhetoric usually employed by liberal Democrats.

Koch Brothers Aim To Unleash Heck

A Koch-linked super PAC is spending more than $1 million on Republican Rep. Joe Heck’s bid to succeed Democrat Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate.

Scotland Seeks A Way To Stay In Bloc

Scotland’s first minister will meet European Parliament leaders in Brussels Wednesday, after the U.K. voted to leave the EU last week.

Did Connecticut Governor’s Insurance Regulator Mislead Ethics Officials?

Gov. Dannel Malloy's appointee, Katharine Wade, asserted she had no Cigna business before her when she was reviewing a Cigna-Anthem merger deal.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume

Porsche Pins Hopes On New Panamera Sedan

CEO Oliver Blume expects sales to increase by a third, as the redesigned model of the Panamera sedan hits European showrooms in November.

More Bad News For Turkish Tourism

Tuesday’s terrorist attack, which killed dozens at Istanbul’s main airport, was another blow to the country’s efforts to attract visitors.

What Do Rubio’s Donors Want Now?

Many of the same Wall Street and auto industry donors who backed the Florida Republican’s failed presidential run are likely to fund his Senate re-election campaign.
JP Morgan Chase building in Manhattan

How Much Did Banks Really Pay For The Financial Crisis?

Banks have paid out more than $160 billion in fines and settlements relating to the 2008 crisis. Critics ask if that’s enough to prevent abuse going forward.
Women In VR

More Women In Gaming? VR Could Help

Virtual reality is just one area where women in the games industry can thrive.