Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Arrives In North Korea, First Official Visit In Eight Months

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin visited North Korea Monday, the first top Chinese official to do so as the West calls for greater sanctions on Pyongyang.
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More Americans Are In Favor Of Legalizing Marijuana Than Ever

Americans are more in favor of marijuana than ever with 60 percent of Americans supporting legal use, according to Gallup's latest poll.
Kashmir, Indian soldier dead, Pakistan

4 Dead In Latest India-Pakistan Clashes

Both India and Pakistan both reported casualties after the latest round of shelling across the border in Kashmir.

Spain Aims For 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Spain is the fifth largest producer in the world of wind power and the third biggest exporter.
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Interest Rates Could Increase 3 Times Next Year

But St. Louis Fed president wants to boost interest rates to increase the rate of return on safe investments.
Bernie Sanders opposes AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner and says on Twitter that the administration should block the deal.

Bernie Sanders Says 'Kill' The AT&T, Time Warner Merger

The Vermont Senator said the deal would lead to "higher prices and fewer choices for the American people" on Twitter.


Trump Releases Electoral Map

The map, shared via email Monday, outlines states the campaign predicts will go red and blue. But it doesn't line up with some pundits' forecasts.

Will Clinton Let Wall Street Control Retirement Savings?

A top Hillary Clinton fundraiser — who may become treasury secretary — has a plan that could turn billions of dollars from payroll taxes into a revenue stream for the financial industry.

Record Shark Attacks Around The World Frighten Tourists

While shark attacks are generally rare, several attacks in recent months reported from Australia to North Carolina have stirred up fears among some ocean-goers.

Top Secret Nazi Military Base Discovered

A military base used by Hitler was discovered by scientists more than 70 years after it was abandoned.