Bitcoin Is A Highly Speculative Investment. Why Caution Is Required

The astronomic rise of the price of bitcoin over the past 12 months raises fears that the cryptocurrency is set to crash which could see many people lose money.

Jones Flipped Some Trump-Supported Counties

Doug Jones' win over Roy Moore was one of the biggest election upsets in recent memory.

Billion Dollar Arms Deals For Saudi Allies, Whose Lobbyists Give Heavily To Congress

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates both received multi-billion dollar arms deals this year, furthering the Saudi-led war in Yemen. An IBT review of federal documents finds that those countries' lobbyists gave heavily to the campaigns of politicians charged with overseeing arms sales to foreign governments.

Mysterious Fossils Are The Embryos Of Jellyfish Ancestors

Tiny fossils of animal embryos have had scientists scratching their heads for decades, but now they have been identified as ancestors of jellyfish.

NASA Video Explains The 300 Bright Spots On Ceres

According to the video, the bright spots revealed evidence of Ceres' past subsurface ocean and also indicated the dwarf planet is surprisingly active.