Home Decor: If you are planning on updating your interior, you may want to have a look at what PointclickHome has named the design trends of the year.

As a distinct departure from last year's survival mode simplicity, this year's trends focus on brighter colors and flirty details. There is still an emphasis on environmentalism and economics, but the new look is surreal (think the Alice in Wonderland influence seen everywhere), and designers are reaching out to consumers to create unique, personal looks.

Culled from the tradeshows in Milan, New York, London, Las Vegas and Tokyo, Melissa Feldman and Anne E. Collins, have named the following as the top trends of 2010:

  • Illusion and Fantasy
  • Folding and Pleating
  • Handcrafted Details
  • Honeycomb
  • Turquoise (named by Pantone, the global color authority)
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