Home Shopping Latino Inc. is launching a HSN-style television shopping network under the name of “Viva Telecompras”. The demand for a Spanish-language TV shopping network is growing quickly as the Hispanic population’s purchasing power continues to outpace any other group at twice the average national rate. The company will sell jewelry, gemstones, vitamins and beauty care products from third-party merchandisers.

Initially, Home Shopping Latino will focus on marketing high-quality, high-margin imported gemstones from Madagascar. The company will then subcontract with jewelry manufacturers in Florida, where its broadcast originates, to offer viewers exceptional value while maintaining a high profit margin.

The company today announced an agreement with MadAmerican Exports Inc. to import sapphires, rubies, emeralds, garnets, tourmaline and other precious gems from the nation of Madagascar. The country is an Indian Ocean island nation located off the coast of Africa, which is exceptionally rich in minerals and gemstones.

MadAmerican Exports CEO Biclair Andrianantoandro is an ideal partner for Home Shopping Latino to forge long-term business relationships in Madagascar. He is well-known in Madagascar and has held many official positions including director of exports, minister of commerce, and Acting Ambassador to both the United States and the United Nations. In addition, he assisted in the promotion of international investments in nickel and cobalt mining for Phelps Dodge Corp.

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