Home Shopping Latino, Inc. is focused on launching a QVC-style television network under the name “Viva Telecompras” for selling gemstones, jewelry, vitamins, and beauty care products. All the merchandise will be provided by third-party wholesalers. To enhance consumer response, the company intends to use well known Hispanic celebrities.

The company is particularly interested in marketing high-quality, high-margin gemstones from Madagascar and has developed exclusive relationships for this purpose. As its distribution network develops, management plans to import gemstones directly from Madagascar and subcontract with jewelry manufacturers in Florida to offer viewers exceptional value while maintaining a high profit margin.

Management intends to outsource the incoming call center, fulfillment, shipping, website development and credit card collection functions to third-party companies, using a core staff to supervise day-to-day production. Home Shopping Latino will focus its efforts and resources on expanding its market for Home Shopping Latino via airtime and website broadcasts.

The company plans to broadcast from studios in South Florida since the area is one of the major centers for Latin television and film production. The demand for a Spanish-language TV shopping network is growing quickly as the Hispanic population’s purchasing power continues to outpace any other group at twice the average national rate. Recognizing this growth, Home Shopping Latino is leveraging its strengths to capitalize on this burgeoning market.

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