Home Shopping Latino, Inc. has come a long way from CEO Frank Celecia’s original idea two and a half years ago to launch a television shopping channel for the U.S. Hispanic market. In spite of previous ill-fated attempts by others, Celecia felt that the time was now right with a bigger and more prosperous Latino market. HSL sees itself as eventually filling a niche for some 10-13 million U.S. Hispanic homes, a market which is expected to continue to grow to $1 trillion by 2011.

HSL is headquartered in Carson City, Nevada, but its on-air television and website production operations are located in Miami, Florida. The Miami area is a center for Latin television and film production. The company will launch its QVC-style network under the name “Viva Telecompras”, selling gemstones, jewelry, vitamins, and beauty care products, all provided by third-party wholesalers. Well known Hispanic celebrities will be used to enhance consumer response. Special focus will be on the sale of high-quality, high-margin gemstones from Madagascar, subcontracting with jewelry manufacturers in Florida.

The company will outsource many of its operations, including call-center, fulfillment, shipping, and other functions, to third-party companies, and will rent production crews and equipment. It will maintain a core staff to supervise day-to-day production.

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