Home Shopping Latino Inc., and a new Latino Shopping Network, the only network of its kind to service the exploding Latino market in the USA, with the on air name ViVa Telecompras, today announced an agreement with MadAmerican Exports, Inc. to import sapphires, rubies, emeralds, garnets, tourmaline and other precious gems from Madagascar, an Indian Ocean island nation off the coast of Africa known for being exceptionally rich in minerals and gemstones.

MadAmerican Exports CEO Biclair Andrianantoandro previously served as Director of Exports and Ministry of Commerce, as well as Deputy and Acting Ambassador of Madagascar to the United Nations and Deputy and Acting Ambassador of Madagascar to the United States.

Home Shopping Latino CEO Frank Celecia stated, “Mr. Andrianantoandro is well-known and well-respected by all political factions in Madagascar. He has held many official positions and assisted in the promotion of international investments in nickel and cobalt mining for Phelps Dodge Corporation and textile exports for Limited Brands, Inc. We view him as the ideal partner to forge long-term business relationships for Home Shopping Latino with both public and private decision-makers in Madagascar.”

“Working with the new government as well as existing private interests, we are confident that we can assist Home Shopping Latino to create value for its shareholders and viewers by accessing high quality gemstones direct from the mines at an excellent price as well as creating new jobs and opportunities for the Malagasy people,” commented Mr. Andrianantoandro.

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