Home Shopping Latino Inc., doing business as Viva Telecompras, is an all Spanish language TV channel and online shopping website. The company will broadcast from Miami, Florida and expand its market via airtime and website broadcasts. The network will sell products provided by third-party wholesalers such as beauty care, vitamins, and in particular gemstones and jewelry.

Initially, the company is most interested in marketing high-quality, high-margin gemstones from the nation of Madagascar and has already developed a relationship to do so with MadAmerican Exports. Viva Telecompras will later subtract with jewelry manufacturers in Florida to make jewelry using these fine gemstones.

Home Shopping Latino is attempting to fill a very profitable niche in the home shopping industry with its Hispanic shopping channel. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing demographic – 9.3 million households with a population of over 35 million – in the United States’ population. The US Census Bureau estimates that by the middle of the century, one in every four Americans will be of Hispanic origin.

Management of the company has identified the most viable of the Latino markets for them to consist of the US Latino community, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These three markets alone have a combined TV household population of nearly 30 million and a combined purchasing power of just over $700 billion. Additionally, it is estimated that the purchasing power of Hispanic households in the US grew at 106 percent in the last decade and is currently increasing at twice the national average.

Home Shopping Latino plans to have the ability to reach more than 85 percent, or nearly 8 million of the total US Latino TV households. The company realizes that the Latino market is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative markets in the world, and they expect to participate fully in its growth.

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