Peter Quinn’s (Rupert Friend) near-death experience had Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) looking for answers at the start of “Homeland” Season 5, episode 5, titled "Better Caul Saul." With no one else to turn to for help in tracking down Quinn’s hit man, Carrie seeks out his former flame, Astrid (Nina Hoss). While Astrid has no interest in helping Carrie, she agrees to find the man’s identity for Quinn’s sake.

When Carrie returns to Quinn’s aid, she realizes he needs medical attention. She reaches out to her boyfriend Jonas (Alexander Fehling), revealing his sister is a doctor and will be able to provide medication. When Jonas -- who was led to believe Carrie was the injured one -- shows up, he gives Carrie the antibiotics.

Hackvist Numan (Atheer Adel) does some research of his own. Following the murder of his friend by Russians in episode 4, he shows up at the strip club and asks one of the workers to help him identify a man who frequents the club who also happens to be an employee for the Russian embassy in Berlin. He films a video in a disguise asking the citizens of Berlin to meet outside the embassy to revolt.

Meanwhile, Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) is in shock after General Youssef's (Igal Naor) death in Geneva. Berlin Station Chief Allison Carr (Miranda Otto) believes someone betrayed the CIA. Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham) questions if the breach may have occurred in the CIA’s headquarters in Virginia or in Berlin. After dropping off Saul following a hard day’s work, she reveals her true intentions by meeting up with the Russian man, Ivan (Mark Ivanir), who had a hand in killing Numan’s friend.

Homeland_505_3260 Dar Adal (F. Murray Abraham, left) and Allison Carr (Miranda Otto, right) work together in a scene from "Homeland" Season 5, episode 5. Photo: Showtime

Allison reveals to Ivan that she got a call from Quinn's hitman, only it wasn’t him on the other end of the line. Allison assumes it was Quinn on the line -- viewers are aware the caller was Carrie -- and worries when the day comes that he and Saul “compare notes” and find out she was the one who put Carrie’s name on the kill list. When Ivan shows a picture of Carrie dead, the one Quinn took, he and Allison hold hands. He consoles Allison, telling her their plan is almost complete, but Allison says it is easier said than done.

Dar becomes suspicious of Etal Luskin (Allan Corduner) and questions if he had something to do with the plane explosion. Allison finds photos of Etal traveling from Berlin to Geneva one day before the explosion under an alias. When Saul questions Etal about the plane crash, Etal says he was in Switzerland recruiting a potential asset who never showed. Etal insists he did not murder the general. Allison gets photos of Etal meeting with Saul, but tells Dar there may be another explanation for their chat.

Just before Numan’s demonstration picks up steam, Astrid’s boss is able to uncover the man’s identity: Vasily Kovas, a former hit man for Russian intelligence who now works freelance. When Astrid tells Carrie about her findings, Carrie says she think the Russians were the ones who put her name on the kill list, not Saul. Carrie says she must read the hacked CIA documents released to During American journalist Laura Sutton (Sarah Sokolovic) and ventures to the demonstration to find her. Carrie leaves Jonas with Quinn. 

Homeland_505_4653 Carrie (Claire Danes, left) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin, right) reunite in "Homeland" Season 5, episode 5. Photo: Showtime

At the demonstration, Carrie sneaks a phone into Laura’s pocket and calls her. She tells her to meet her at a train station. Laura reveals to Carrie she does not have the documents and advises Carrie to get one of her friends from within the CIA to help her. 

While on her mission, Carrie receives a call from Jonas who says Quinn is going to die. Carrie tells him to call an ambulance but before Jonas can, Quinn goes on the run. We later see Quinn appearing to attempt to drown himself until a strange man shows up and refuses to let him die. After following Quinn down several streets, he falls to the floor as the stranger stands over him and his fate is left unknown. 

While Carrie originally refuses to take Laura’s advice by getting help from within the CIA, she appears to change her mind by reaching out to Saul. Saul gets a message, presumably from Carrie in his hotel room and meets up with her in a cab. 

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