What happened to Peter Quinn? That was the question on most "Homeland" fans' minds when Season 4 ended last year. Now, we finally have some answers, courtesy of actor Rupert Friend.

When “Homeland” Season 4 ended, viewers had no clue where Quinn (Friend) went. After Carrie Mathison (Clarie Danes) failed to reach Quinn after turning down his request to leave the CIA and begin a life together, Carrie ventured to two-timing CIA agent Dar Adal's (F. Murray Abraham) home to question him on Quinn’s whereabouts. Dar was vague with his answers, saying Quinn had left for a secret mission in either in Syria and/or Iraq. Now, six weeks ahead of the show’s Season 5 premiere, Friend is finally revealing what happened to his fan-favorite character.

In a video released on the “Homeland” YouTube channel teasing the upcoming season Saturday, Friend says Quinn’s been in “deepest, darkest Syria.” The teaser also reveals Quinn has teamed up with Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin).

“Quinn and Saul have struck up a very special friendship,” Friend says in the teaser video, revealing their partnership is not one Quinn can put on display. “It’s a bond that no one else can know about. I think, at this point, that suits Quinn very well.”

“There is no one on this planet that Saul would put more trust and faith in than Peter Quinn,” Patinkin explains of their partnership.

While it’s unknown what Saul and Quinn will be up to in Season 5, it appears their dealings may lead them down a dark path. After all, Saul was caught by Carrie socializing with Dar in the finale. “Did you prepare yourself for paradise?” Quinn asks in the teaser after toying with what appears to be a bomb.

And despite reconnecting with Saul, it appears a happy reunion with Carrie will not be in the cards. “I think Quinn’s given up all pretense of a normal life and finds that idea ridiculous,” Friend said of his character’s mindset in Season 5, calling Quinn a “war machine.” “We are finding a much more brutal soldier.”

“He is more removed and frozen than ever,” Danes adds of Quinn.

Watch the "Homeland" Season 5 teaser video below:

Season 5 of “Homeland” will feature a time jump, picking up more than two years after the events in the Season 4 finale. Carrie will be in Berlin, Germany, working as a security head for a German philanthropist. Saul will be back in the intelligence game.

“Homeland” Season 5 premieres on Showtime Sunday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m. EDT. Watch the first trailer for the new season here.